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Studio Gelato is the harmonious culmination of authentic gelato paired with a lovingly hand-crafted ceramic bowl. Gabriella and Bo are artists and gelato enthusiasts focused on creating culinary experiences in St. Petersburg, FL. We met while working in a glass studio where our passion for producing a unique concept brought us together. As we began crafting the perfect gelato for St Pete, our involvement in the community played an integral role in growing and branding our business.

Gabriella Schmid 

Favorite Flavor : Pistachio

Gabriella was born in England to an English mother and Swiss-Italian father, who helped instill in her a deep love for authentic cuisine. Gabriella’s extensive travel in Europe exposed her to  unique displays of art and inspired her quest to find the perfect scoop of gelato. After graduating from the University of Florida with a BFA in ceramics, Gabriella became passionate about pairing her love of food and art to design unique tasting experiences.

that's me in front of my favorite mural in St. Pete  :)


can you tell we love St. Pete?

Bo Countryman 

Favorite Flavor : Chocolate

Bo, a native Californian and avid traveler, moved to St. Petersburg to manage a glass art studio and museum. He shared a common love and appreciation for functional art while excelling in ceramic courses throughout his education. With a business degree from USC, Bo leverages his commercial expertise to develop a sustainable growth strategy for the enterprise.

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